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Solar Energy Sales Person

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The Solar Energy Wise Sales Person(s) in America will be responsible for the delivery of actions for all the sales and selling efforts in their territory. The Sales Person(s) will work with their Sales Manager to generate revenue and new market results within the assigned State. The Sales People of Solar Energy Wise will be responsible for all executions of the planned sales tactics and will be measured on their day-to-day ability to show up, be professional and timely, while driving new measurable sales results.

The role is commission based (to-start) so only those with familiarity working in-side performance based pay systems will find themselves successful within these available Entrepreneurial Roles.

General sales/selling duties include, but are not limited to: daily sales calls (Monday to Friday) and continual prospecting and lead mining as well as current client interactions by email or phone or other ways to connect with current and potentially new customers on your lead sheets; sales call recording into the Solar Energy Wise CRM system provided by to you; actively seeking new growth opportunities with your manager within the realm of the sales offers and your State defined by Solar Energy Wise.

For those interested in these America based but America wide roles, please submit for review a cover letter including your past experience in performance-based selling roles and please tell us a little about yourself as well. Include your resume separately please.

Please note: Only those being shortlisted will be contacted but we thank all applicants for your interest in working with Solar Energy Wise in America.

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